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Deteriorated remains of wall paintings picturing civilian and military feats as well as daily life scenes after the political propaganda tradition. This imaginery is revisited and taken to a disturbing setting where futuristic elements coexist with naturalist ones in a state of material precariousness. These artificial ruins dramatize the general incapacity to imagine the radically new and connects it to the current questioning of the notion of historical progress, a solid dogma once shared by every major ideology, hardly surviving today thanks to the fragile illusion of technological development and its asymmetrical achievements: beside incessant innovation in fields like telecommunications or warfare, basic needs are left unfulfilled. In this postmodern outlook, emancipatory political movements no longer promise to guide us to earthly paradises, it seems sufficient to withstand as much as possible the global stream towards techno-barbarism.
All over the surface of these images we can see not only traces of time or side damages caused by human conflict, but also a series of enigmatic signs expressing the ideas and desires of a culture posterior to ours. This ironic turn illustrates how if History has ceased to be conceived as an ascendent line, we have to face the paradox of a displacement of the future: it would be located no longer in front of us, but behind.

Voluntary Workers in Their Leisure Time

2014 / 120 x 180 cm / Mixed media on XPS

Discovery of the Former Metropolis

2015 / 114 x 120 cm / Mixed media on XPS

Family Unit

2015 / 126 x 175 cm / Mixed media on XPS

Fraternizing with the Enemy

2015 / 124 x 120 cm / Mixed media on XPS

Scrap Transmutation Plant

2016 / 118 x 170 cm / Mixed media on XPS

2016 / 14 x 24,5 x 16,5 cm / Clay, paint, XPS


2016 / 16 x 25 x 19,5 cm / Clay, paint, XPS

Flags of Various Extinct Nations

2016 / 78 x 59 cm / Mixed media on XPS

2016 / 5 x 12,5 x 6 cm / Clay, paint, XPS
Debris #1
2016 / Variable measures / Mixed media on XPS
Installation View
Zona prohibida / Red Itiiner, Madrid / 2018

Installation View
Zona prohibida / Red Itiner, Madrid / 2018