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This project intends to explore the relationship between material objects and the place they occupy within a culture, starting from two intertwined issues: on the one hand, how an object is physically affected by the environment in which it exists, and on the other, how a change in context also modifies our subjective perception of that same object.
The first question is posed through three sculptural objects without defined cultural attributes, to each of which some elements belonging to our daily reality have been added, thus inscribing them in the specific environment of our time and place in the world. A minimum cultural load can be enough to situate us in a particular here and now.
The second procedure develops the fundamental aspect of the project: the passage from the physical, three-dimensional plane to that of representation in different two-dimensional images. The same object (without the later additions) is transferred to a series of very diverse historical contexts. Each image has been created using representation systems distinctive of the moment and place chosen, based on a wide range of drawing techniques.
As Mircea Eliade pointed out in Images and Symbols, a stone or a human finger can be considered receptacles of the sacred, without ceasing to be material objects exactly like others that nevertheless do not play that role. In the same way, a material considered a work of art, besides being object of contemplation and reflection, can simultaneously fulfill many other purposes, without necessarily affecting its aesthetic function by this.

Longosso Fructuante
2018 / 88 x 120 x 6 cm / Clay, plastic paint, wood, found items
  (LF) Trebizond
2018 / 56 x 42 cm / Ink on paper
(LF) Eretria
2019 / 28 x 50 x 3 cm / Paint on clay
(LF) Amsterdam
2019 / 46 x 36 cm / Watercolour and gouache on paper
(LF) Bordeaux
2019 / 34 x 48 cm / Pencil on paper
Installation Views
Objects in Places / Storm and Drunk, Madrid / 2021

2019 / 87 x 55 x 38 cm / XPS, plaster, plastic paint, lacquer, found items
(T) Frankfurt
2019 / 40 x 50 cm / Ink on paper
(T) Teaneck
2019 / 52 x 40,5 cm / Gouache on paper
(T) Ubirr
2019 / 36 x 42 x 5 cm / Plaster, stone, earth, clay, pigments
(T) Paris
2019 / 32 x 21 cm / Digital print
Installation Views
Objects in Places / Storm and Drunk, Madrid / 2021

Dreba Grucada
2019 / 112 x 94 x 5 cm / Tinted silicone, clay, found items
(DG) Florence
2019 / 47 x 63 cm / Acrylic on board
(DG) Texcoco
2019 / 40 x 30 cm / Ink on paper
(DG) Yekaterinburg
2019 / 44 x 29,5 cm / Clay, plastic paint, ballpoint, marker, pencil
(DG) London
2019 / 40 x 55 cm / Coloured pencil on paper
Installation Views
Objects in Places / Storm and Drunk, Madrid / 2021