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The classic book by Diogenes Laërtius is taken as a starting point for this group of sculptures. Each piece is vaguely inspired in the biography of a philosopher; lesser-known figures are deliberately chosen, since they are used just as an excuse to reflect about the role of intellectuals in the society. Four universal stereotypes are represented and updated to present time: the political activist involved in public issues, the purely theoretical thinker isolated from the outside reality, the artist tormented by his inner creative forces or by external pressure, and the scientific researcher trying to understand how things work. The common features to be noticed in all of them are both the contrast between the elevation of their ideas and the actual (precarious) environment, and the difficulty to differentiate between truly brilliant endeavours and futile ones.

Lives of Eminent Philosophers - Solon >
2012 / 46 x 31 x 26 cm / Wood, modeling paste, fabric, lacquer
Lives of Eminent Philosophers - Epimenides
2012 / 27 x 34 x 40 cm / Wood, modeling paste, lacquer

Lives of Eminent Philosophers - Metrocles

2012 / 32 x 45 x 31 cm / Wood, modeling paste, paper, lacquer
Lives of Eminent Philosophers - Leucippus
2012 / 28 x 34 x 33 cm / Wood, modeling paste, fabric, paper, lacquer