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LUMPENKULT (in process)

At the beginning of the last century the artistic institution known as Proletkult set out to create a genuinely proletarian aesthetic which should play a fundamental role in the construction of the new classless society. This project speculates on which kind of social organization could arise after the eventual disappearance of the middle and working classes in the West. Concepts like "precariat" or "cognitariat", coined to define what has come to replace the working class in post-Fordist society, may soon be considered nothing more than desperate attempts to update something that has ceased to exist as such, avoiding to recognize that this vacuum won't be filled by any postmodern category, but by the last stratum that has always been there although we would not want to see it: the lumpen.
Lumpenkult is the reconstruction of a fictitious cultural movement from its own products: agitprop posters, pseudohistorical prints or architectural models that allow us to glimpse an exotic society in which the marginal class of today has become hegemonic, got consciuousness of its strength and begun to defend interests different from those of the former working class. True to its worldview, the victorious lumpen would not have hesitated to get rid of superfluous institutions or to sacrifice some material comfort in exchange for freeing itself from imposed values such as work worship or faith in progress and economic growth.


Spark of Freedom

2017 / 100 x 70 cm / Airbrush on brown paper

Monument to the Last International

2017 / 155 x 63 x 63 cm / Cardboard, wood, plastic, tinfoil, string and wire


Heroic Frieze
2017 / 196 x 440 cm / Airbrush and plastic paint on brown paper


2017 / 70 x 100 cm / Airbrush on brown paper

Portrait of Doris

2017 / 83 x 62 cm / Airbrush and screenprint on paper